Make each second count, every single day! Keep a track of time, attendance, and billable hours in Legal Office Timesheet!


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Easy Customization of Time Logs

Make each second count and billable with Legal Office timesheet!

Get a clear assessment of billables hours of each member of the team. Supervise different cases and tasks from the backend. Get a clear-cut assessment of each employee’s real-time performance and billable hours per day. Send timesheet invoices to clients to give them a clear picture of billable hours and encourage transparency.

View Through Cards

In addition to the list view, you will be able to see the hours posted through cards.

Generates Regular Reports

Access detailed reports on processes, earned money, billable hours and more via the Timesheet. Weekly timesheet reports allow you to assess team performance.

Graphical Analysis Report

Graphically analyze the hours posted by your work team.

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