Use quotations deadline to stimulate your customers

Use quotations deadline to stimulate your customers

When sending quotations, it is important to set a deadline to encourage your customers to act. Indeed, this will stimulate them because they will be afraid of missing a good deal and it will also allow you to protect yourself in case you have to fulfill an order at a price that is no longer profitable for you.

Set a deadline

With Legal Office Sales, it is possible to instantly add an Expiration Date from the quotation or the sales order.

Use deadline in your quotation templates

It is also possible to add a deadline to every quotation template created. Whenever a specific quotation template is used in a quote, its associated deadline will be automatically applied. Be sure to check out our documentation about Use quotation templates to excel in their use.


By clicking on the Customer Preview button, you will be able to see when the offer expires. For your information, the number of days will be the same as those mentioned in the quotation template.

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