Track clicks and visitors using Link Trackers

Track clicks and visitors using Link Trackers

Link Trackers allow you to track your marketing campaigns (emails, banner ads, blog posts, social media posts, affiliate links, etc.). This way, you are able to identify your best traffic sources and make informed decisions about the distribution of your marketing budget.


Go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings and activate Link Trackers.

Set up traceable URLs

Go to Website ‣ Go to website ‣ Promote ‣ Track this page. Here, you are able to get a specific tracked URL based on the campaign, medium, and source being used.

  • URL: url of the page you want to track (e.g. the home page or a product’s page).

  • Campaign: context of your link (e.g. a special promotion).

  • Medium: channel used to share (deliver) your link (e.g. an email or a Facebook ad).

  • Source: platform where the traffic originates (e.g. Google or Twitter).

Now, click on Get tracked link to generate a URL that you can post or send by the source you have decided on.

Follow-up on tracked links

To look at statistics of your links, go to Website ‣ Go to website ‣ Promote ‣ Track this page. Besides being able to see the Most Clicked and Recently Used links, you can also see complete statistics by clicking on Stats, including the number of clicks, and the country of origin for those clicks.


  1. You can also access the link tracker on via your browser.

  2. Activate the developer mode (Settings ‣ Activate the developer mode) and get access to the Link Tracker module and its back-end functionalities.

  3. Integrated with Google Analytics, those trackers allow you to see the number of clicks and visitors to keep you on top of your marketing campaigns.

  4. The integration with the CRM application allows you to understand where your leads and opportunities are coming from.

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