Synchronization with Outlook’s Calendar

Synchronization with Outlook’s Calendar

Synchronizing your main Outlook Calendar with Odoo is useful to keep track of your tasks and appointments, and across all related applications.

Register your application with the Microsoft identity platform

In order to be able to sync your Outlook Calendar with Legal Ofiice Calendar, a Microsoft Azure account is needed. The creation of an account is free for users that have never tried or paid for Azure. For more information,  click here.Following,  Set up an Azure AD Tenant, also called environment, which is a representation of an organization, to manage and register apps.Ultimately,  Register an Application, choosing the appropriate supported account type.


When configuring your platform settings, choose Web.


For the  Redirect URI restrictions, copy your Legal Office database URI followed by /microsoft_account/authentication. Example:
For more information on the restrictions and limitations of URIs,  check this page.


Regarding credentials, you must Add a client secret, called Client Secret in Legal Office, which allows Legal Office to authenticate itself, requiring no interaction from your side. Certificates are optional.

Configuration in Legal Office

Go to general Settings and activate the Outlook Calendar feature.

From your Azure portal, under Overview, copy your Application (client) ID, and paste it to Client ID in Legal Office.

Going back to your Azure portal, now under Certificates & secrets, copy your Client Secret Value and paste it to Client Secret in Legal Office.

Sync with Outlook


Legal Office Calendar sends a confirmation email at the creation of an event to its attendees. But, on the  first sync, Outlook will also send confirmation emails of all scheduled events (including past ones).To avoid this situation, we recommend  archiving all past events, and removing yourself from future ones in Legal Office Calendar before the first sync. This will prevent events from being created in Outlook, and therefore, no redundant emails will be sent during the first synchronization. After the sync, events will only send one confirmation email.

Go to the Calendar application and Sync with Outlook. You are asked to log in to your account, if you are not already, and grant the required permissions.

The synchronization is a two-way process, meaning that events are reconciled in both accounts (Outlook and Odoo).


All users that want to use the synchronization simply need to sync their calendar with Outlook. The configuration of Microsoft’s Azure account is only done once, as Azure AD tenants’ are unique, and represent an organization that helps you to manage a specific instance of Microsoft cloud services for your internal and external users.

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