Stripe is a United States-based online payment solution provider, allowing businesses to accept credit cards and other payment methods.


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Credentials tab

Legal Office needs your API Credentials to connect with your Stripe account, which comprises:

  • Publishable Key: The key solely used to identify the account with Stripe.

  • Secret Key: The key to sign the merchant account with Stripe.

  • Webhook Signing Secret: When you enable your webhook on your Stripe account, this signing secret must be set to authenticate the messages sent from Stripe to Legal Office.


If you are trying Stripe as a test, in the test mode, change the State to Test Mode. We recommend doing this on a test Legal Office database, rather than on your main database.

Publishable and Secret keys

To retrieve the publishable and secret keys, follow this link to your API keys, or log into your Stripe dashboard and go to Developers ‣ API Keys ‣ Standard Keys.

Webhook Signing Secret

To retrieve the webhook signing secret, you first need to create a webhook.

To do so, follow this link to your webhooks, or log into your Stripe dashboard and go to Developers ‣ Webhooks. Then, click on Add endpoint in your Hosted endpoints. A form opens, where you’ll need to add the following data:

  • In the Endpoint URL, enter your Legal Office database’s URL followed by /payment/stripe/webhook.For example:
  • At the end of the form, you can Select events to listen to. Click on it and, in the Checkout section, select checkout.session.completed.


It is possible to select other events, but they are currently not processed by Legal Office.

When you click on Add endpoint, your Webhook is configured. You can then click on reveal to display your signing secret.

Enable local payment methods

Local payment methods are payment methods that are only available for certain merchants and customers countries and currencies.

To enable specific local payment methods with Stripe, list them as supported payment icons. To do so, go to Payment Acquirers ‣ Stripe ‣ Configuration and add the desired payment methods in the Supported Payment Icons field. If the desired payment method is already listed, you don’t have anything to do. If a payment icon record doesn’t exist in the database, its related payment method is considered enabled with Stripe.

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