Receiving Products

The next step after the confirmation of the Purchase Order is receiving the product. Once the Purchase Order is confirmed, the Vendor will deliver the product to the delivery address mentioned in the Purchase Order. The respective purchase order will show ‘Receive Product’ which will help the company to get all details about the ordered product.

While clicking the Receive Product button, you will get a detailed view of the product with the Receive From address, Scheduled Date, Deadline, and Source Document.

Under the Operation tab, the list of products configured to this particular purchase order can be seen.

The Additional Info field will show the Shipping Information about the product such as the Carrier info, Tracking Reference, Weight of the product, and Weight for Shipping. You will also be able to see the Responsible Company for the purchase in the Other Information field. In order to validate the delivery of the product, you can use the ‘Validate’ button. The status will be changed to Done and the Purchase Order is completed now.

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