Legal Office defines a  user as someone who has access to a database to perform daily tasks. You can add as many users as you need and, in order to restrict the type of information each user can access, rules can be applied. Users and access rights can be added and changed at any point.

Add individual users

Go to Settings ‣ Manage Users and click on Create.

Fill in the form with the needed information. Under the tab  Access Rights choose the group within each application the user can have access to.The list of applications shown is based on the applications installed on the database.

When you are done editing the page and have Saved it, an invitation email is automatically sent to the user. The user must click on it to accept the invitation and create a login.


Remember that subscription prices follow the number of users. Refer to our pricing page for more information.

With the developer mode activated, User Types can be selected.

The Portal and Public options do not allow you to choose access rights. Members have specific ones (such as record rules and restricted menus) and usually do not belong to the usual Legal Office groups.

Deactivate users

Go to Settings ‣ Users & Companies ‣ Users, open the user you want to deactivate, click on Action, and then on Archive.


Never deactivate the main user (admin).

Passwords management

Reset passwords

Enable password resets from login page

It is possible to enable password resets directly from the login page.

To do so, go to Settings ‣ Permissions, activate Password Reset and Save.

Send reset instructions to users

Go to Settings ‣ Users & Companies ‣ Users, select the user out of the list and click on Send Password Reset Instructions on its user form. An email is automatically sent to them.


The Send Password Reset Instructions button only appears if the Legal Office invitation email has already been confirmed by the user.

This email contains all the instructions needed to reset the password, along with a link redirecting the user to an Legal Office login page.

Change users’ passwords

Go to Settings ‣ Users & Companies ‣ Users and select a user to access its form. Click on the Action button and select Change Password.

Enter a new password and confirm by clicking on Change Password.


This operation only modifies the password of the users locally and does not affect their account. If you want to change the password, you can send the password reset instructions.

Click on Change Password one more time. You are then redirected to an Legal Office login page where you can reaccess your database using your new password.

Multi Companies

The Multi Companies field allows you to set to which of the multiple companies database you hold the user can have access.


Note that if not handled correctly, it may be the source of a lot of inconsistent multi-company behaviors. Therefore, a good knowledge of Legal Office is required. For technical explanations refer to this documentation.

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