Allow the user to generate the EDI document for Italian invoicing.

This module allows the creation of the EDI documents and the communication with the SDICoop web service of FatturaPA to send or receive invoices and notifications.


Once this module is installed, it’s no longer possible to send invoices via PEC mails.



Setup the Codice Destinatario on FatturaPA

To receive invoices and notifications from third parties, you need to inform the FatturaPA service that Legal Office is the allowed party to process files for you. To do so, you must setup Legal Office Codice Destinatario on the FatturaPA portal. The Codice Destinatario is K95IV18.

  1. Go to and authenticate.

  2. Go to section Fatture e Corrispettivi.

  3. Set the user as Legal Party for the VAT number you wish to configure the electronic adress.

  4. In Servizi Disponibili ‣ Fatturazione Elettronica ‣ Registrazione dell’indirizzo telematico dove ricevere tutte le fatture elettroniche, input Legal Office  Codice Destinatario (K95IV18), then confirm.

Give Legal Office permission to process files

Since the files are transmitted through Legal Office server before being sent to SDICoop or received by your database, you need to authorize Legal Office to process your files from your database.

To do this, go to Accounting ‣ Settings ‣ Electronic Invoicing and click on Register.


All your files are encrypted upon reception in such a way that only you are able to decrypt them.

Enable FatturaPA on the Sales journal

Open your sales journal. Under the Advanced Settings tab, in the Electronic invoicing field, check FatturaPA and Save.

Issue invoices

Send an invoice the way you would do it normally. The EDI process proceeds automatically.

You can check the current status of your customer invoice under the Electronic invoicing field.

Receive invoices

This process is ran automatically once a day.

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