Legal Calendaring

The Legal Office ERP system enabled a dynamic calendar module to manage all your schedules and tasks in an organized way. You can record the details of your business appointments and tasks in this module. The Calendar module in Odoo is the best solution to plan your daily business activities.

Let's take a look at the Calendar module in the Legal Office in detail.

The calendar view can be changed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Separate options for this can be viewed at the top of the window. The window will also display the programs and meetings scheduled on the respective date. By selecting the Daily calendar, you will get a preview of all programs scheduled on the selected date. The weekly calendar will display the programs scheduled for the selected week. In the Monthly calendar, the platform will show all programs scheduled in a month marked on the respective dates. By selecting the annual calendar, you will be able to see the preview of the programs scheduled for a complete year.

As with any other Legal Office platform, the Calendar platform also contains standard and customizable filter options. You can use this option to get details about trading activities scheduled on a specific date on this platform. By clicking on any of the scheduled programs, you will get the details about the respective program as shown below.

You will also have an Edit option to edit the details within the scheduled program.

On the right side of the window you will have a monthly view of the calendar. You can see the Google and Outlook sync options below the monthly view.

The responsible list can be seen on the right side of the window. You can add participants to this platform using the 'Add Participants' option.

To configure the new meeting details in the calendar module, you can click on the corresponding date. When you click on the corresponding meeting date, you will see a pop-up window to add details about the new meeting.

You may mention the Meeting Subject in the space provided. Use the Edit button to add more details about the meeting.

You can add participants to the meeting in the respective space. On the Meeting Details tab, you can specify the start and end date for the meeting. If you want to schedule the meeting all day, you can enable the All day field in this window. In the Organizer field, you assign a person as the meeting organizer. You can send reminders in the Reminders field. This will help send notifications to all participants about the meeting. In the following sections, you can add the event location, meeting URL, and tags in the corresponding spaces.

The Description field can be used to add descriptions about the specific meeting. On the Options tab, you can enable the Recurring field.

In the Privacy field, you can set the meeting to Public, Private, or Internal users only. In the 'Show as' field, you set it to Busy or Available. If the time is set to 'Busy', this meeting will be visible to others as Busy depending on your privacy. You can use this option to let others know that you are unavailable during this time. You can set this to Available if it's available during that time.

After adding all the necessary information, you can use the Save button to save the new meeting in the Calendar module.

You can also add new meetings to this platform using the 'Add' button provided on the Calendar module homepage.

Legal Office allows you to use list view on this platform. The list will show all programs scheduled on this platform.

You will get the details on the subject, start date, end date, participants, locations and duration of scheduled programs. You can use the additional options provided under the three dots in the upper right corner of the window to expand the list view. The Create button in this window can also be used to create new meetings as discussed above.

The Calendar module in Legal Office is a simple yet effective module that can be used to record all your daily, weekly, monthly and yearly business activities in a systematic way.

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