Get Started with Live Chat

Get Started with Live Chat

Live Chat has the highest satisfaction rating of any communication tool. It allows fast responses and it is accessible and convenient, as your customers can keep doing what they are doing while interacting with you. Remember: your customers want to talk to you, so let’s make it easy.

Set up

Once Live Chat is installed on your database, if your website was created with Legal Office, the application is automatically added to it. All that is left to do is to go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings ‣ Live Chat.

Select the channel to be linked to your website or create one on the fly.

For both scenarios, under:-  Operators: add agents to respond to the chat requests. Add as many as you like, and keep in mind that operators that do not show any activity in Legal Office for more than 30min are considered disconnected.-  Options: set the default text to be shown on the live chat button; an automated welcome message to be seen by visitors when a conversation is initiated, and the text that prompts the user to initiate a chat.-  Channel Rules: choose an action for a given URL, and/or per country. In the example below, the chat window automatically pops-up 3 seconds after users (from any country) land on the contact us page.


GeoIP, which refers to the process of finding a computer terminal’s geographical location by its IP address, must be installed on your server. Otherwise, under Channel Rules, countries are not taken into account.

External options

If your website was not created with Legal Office , you can find the code to be added to your own, under the  Widget tab. Legal Office also offers an URL you can send to users so they can have access to a single live chat page.

Managing chat requests

Conversations initiated by visitors pop up as a direct message, and are shown in Discuss. Therefore, inquiries can be answered wherever you are in Legal Office.


Conversations are dispatched based on the current workload of the online operators.

Leave or join a channel

Go to Website ‣ Configuration ‣ Settings, access your channel under Live Chat, and Join Channel or Leave Channel.

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