Get Organized by Planning Activities

Get Organized by Planning Activities

When you plan activities you minimize the risk of uncertainties, as you provide clear directions for the course of your next action. In addition to that, you do not leave space for wasteful activities and reduce the chance of having overlapping actions between team members.

Where do I see my schedule activities?

Access and manage your activities wherever you are in Legal Office by the Activities menu.

Plan activities

Activities can be planned and managed from the chatter by clicking on Schedule activity, or through Kanban views.

Set your activity types

A number of activities types are available by default in Legal Office (call, email, meeting, etc.). However, you can set new ones going to Settings ‣ Activity types.


If you need to create an activity type with an available calendar, make sure to create it with an Action to Perform set as Meeting.

Recommend next activities

Legal Office helps you to plan a flow of activities by allowing you to set Recommended Next Activities.

Once the respective activity is completed, select Done & Schedule Next and next steps are suggested to you.

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