Creating the Websites

The Legal Office platform will give options to create and manage more than one website at a time. Legal Office will ease your difficulties in managing multi-websites for your various business requirements. With the guidance of the Legal Office Website module, you can effortlessly handle these websites. The option to create a new website can be accessed from the Settings option under the configuration menu.

In the settings menu, you can see the ‘Create a New Website’ option as shown in the screenshot above. A pop-up window will appear to add the details about the Website Name, Website Domain, and Company name.

After completing these fields, you can click on the ‘Create’ icon. You will be directed to a new window as shown below.

You can click the ‘Skip and Start from Scratch’ button to continue the website building process. You will get 4 steps to follow in order to build a perfect website on this platform.

In the first step, you can mention the main objective behind starting this website in the given space.

In the next step, you can choose a pre-made palette for your website to make it more attractive or Legal Office will detect it from the uploaded logo.

Next, you can add pages and features from the given list for your website. It is possible to create your pages later on. By clicking the ‘Build My Website’ you will be directed to the homepage of your new website where you can add and edit new pages and features.  Legal Office will provide a suitable theme as per the given information in the initial steps. You can later customize themes for your website. You can use the ‘Edit’ button to design your new website.

Now, we can take a look at the Dashboard of the Website module in Legal Office.

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