Contact Tags

In the Legal Office Contact module, you will be able to get a separate field to define different types of contact tags. You will get access to the Contact Tags platform from the Configuration menu of the module.

The Contact Tags field can be viewed as shown below. This window will display all configured tags on this platform. You can see the Display Name and selected Color for the tag in the list. Legal Office will let you use default and customizable Filters and Group By options to ease the searching and sorting processes.

To create a new contact tag, you can click on the ‘Create’ button given in the window. By clicking the create button, you will be able to get a new contact tag creation window as shown in the screenshot below.

In the respective fields, you can add the Tag Name and Parent Category of the tag. From the given list of colors, you can select a color for the tag. You will also get a field to activate the tag in the same window. Finally, you can click on the ‘Save’ icon to save the newly created tag.

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