Case Management Dashboard

When you open the Case module, you will land on the Case dashboard of the module. The Kanban view of the dashboard will show all configured cases in your system.

Each case will show the number of tasks included along with the details of the remaining hours to complete the task. The small colored dots on the bottom of each case is used to indicate different stages of the case. Near this, you will get the image of the creator of each case in a small circle.

By clicking on the three vertical dots given on the top right corner of each case in this dashboard, you will get the options to view Tasks, Timesheets, Sales Orders, and Case Updates. The Reporting feature helps you to create Tasks Analysis and Burndown Chart over the particular case.

You will also get options to Share and Edit the project in this menu.

You can click on the clock icon as shown in the screenshot below, to get the details of scheduled activities.

To schedule a new activity, you can click on the ‘Schedule an activity’ option. You can use the Filters and Group By option as sorting options on this platform to categorize and locate the required case.

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