Blacklisted Email Address

Blacklisted Email Address

If you want to restrict or block any email address from your mailing list, you can add those email addresses to the blacklist. By doing so, the respective users won’t receive mailings anymore. In the Configuration menu of the module, you will get the Blacklisted Email Address option.

Here, you can see the list of all blacklisted email addresses. You can add an email address to this list by clicking on the Create button.

In the new window, you can specify the Email Address and Activate the Blacklisting.

In the Settings menu of the Email Marketing module, you can see the option called ‘Blacklist Option when Unsubscribing’.

By activating this option, you can allow the recipient to manage his/her state in the blacklist via the unsubscription page.

You can activate the Dedicated Server option from the Settings menu to use a dedicated server for mailings.

Here, you can configure a specific email server in priority. Otherwise, Legal Office relies on the first outgoing mail server available (based on their sequencing) as it does for normal mail.

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