Attendance Analysis

The Reporting menu in the Legal Office Attendance module will help you to create useful reports regarding the attendance of the employees in your company. This report will help you in analyzing the working hours of each employee. The attendance report can be also configured to payroll activities to determine the daily or monthly payment of the respective employee.

As you can see in the image, the report will show the working hours of each employee separately on a daily basis. The graphical view on this platform includes Line, Bar, and Pie Charts. The view can be altered into a Kanban view also as per your requirement. Using the Measures option given in the window, you can also create a separate report over extra hours worked by each employee. The Filters and Group By options will help you to improve the reports created on this platform.

The Attendance module in Legal Office has simplified major actions of the Human Resource Management activities. By reducing the errors in the manual recording of attendances, Legal Office ensures transparency in attendance management and improves the efficiency of HR-related operations.

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