Live Chat

Go Live with the audiences and engage with them in real-time.  Transforming a visitor into a customer was never so easy! Engage, deliver the right information, and the probability of turning a new user into an old client increases manifold. The quick responsiveness of live chat helps to seal the deal with a prospect.


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Live Chat

A chat is convenient for you and super convenient for your customer! Give real-time support to your users with the Live Chat feature. Engage directly with a visitor and give information directly and effectively.

Transform a curious visitor into a returning customer!

Target a specific group of audience

Categorize specific groups of audiences and chat directly with a group. Segmenting useful information like country, language, or demographic allows the user to get a localized experience.

Use multiple templates for quick responses

Not every user asks relevant questions that require human or real-time support! The system filters the users' questions into a category that requires live support and a category that can get the relevant information via canned responses. Customized answers reduce the burden of your team manifold.

Check if customers are satisfied

Review chat history to gain insight into your team’s performance. A lead must convert into a customer, if not, find out why it didn’t! Enable customer feedback after live chat sessions to assess a customer’s needs and your team's performance. With this exciting feature, you can try to reach top-level customer satisfaction in your domain.

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