All-inclusive business billing software. Create Professional Invoices, Accept cards and Online payments with ease from anywhere in the world.


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Easy Invoicing

A more intuitive, streamlined and straightforward way to send invoices.

Online Payments

Collect Payments in a safer and easier way to keep business running flawlessly.

Anywhere Anytime

Access the system from anywhere, any device, PC, Phone or Tablet.

The smarter way to invoice

Invoice your customers faster and more efficiently than ever, allows you to create, store and send professional looking invoices right from anywhere.

Online invoicing

Built for your business - Legal Office online invoicing is easy to use and it looks great, delivering seamless control over the appearance of your invoices.

Professional invoices

Create professional looking invoices with the click of a button. With many customizable invoice templates that are always available to you, you're sure to find one that meets your business needs.

Set Recurring invoices

Save the time by Automate invoice creation, sending it automatically via email.

Real-time invoice reports

Run reports on your business activities in real time, track payables, receivables, expenses and tax summary.


Payment Processing Made Easy

A unified payment processing system for all of your business' financial needs, allowing you to accept payments anywhere, anytime, and from any device.

Personalized Calls and Emails

One-click call to customers while simultaneously accessing all relevant customer info. Shoot personalized emails to them using in-built templates or custom-made emails.

Online Payment

Send clean and professional looking invoices with payment links and QR codes


Reporting Done Right

Your most important business information at your fingertips – your financial and accounting reports with an intuitive design.

Comprehensive Reports

Enable Legal Office to do the calculations for you. Get comprehensive financial statements and prediction forecasts on your dashboard.

Tax Reports

When it comes to tax season, be precise. Every one of your numbers is in one place in Legal Office, from the taxes you've collected to the taxes you've just paid, and everything in between.

Account Statements

Monitor the amount you need to pay and what amount is owed to you in only a couple of clicks.


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